ThePrinceOfNC Is Here To Stay

Theprinceofnc has been around for a while. His grind is consistent and he’s pushing the music culture forward. The young songwriter and is emerging in the Raleigh music scene fairly quickly, gaining his own fan base from each new release.

Theprinceofnc does a good job of grasping the viewer’s attention with his lyrics and soothing sound. 2021 should be a huge breakout year for the theprinceofnc. In the meantime keep your ears and eyes open for more.

Known for his signature moody, dark and clear production, he has built a cult-like fanbase and has released his first mixtape “Self Aware” in late 2019 and “Don’t Play.” It took little to no time for him to become next on our radar to showcase.

Make sure to stream his project below and let us know what you think!

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