The Weeknd Releases Highly Anticipated ‘Dawn FM’

Canadian megastar The Weeknd gets nostalgic with ‘Dawn FM’

The Weeknd has built quite a name for himself since his critically acclaimed debut ‘House Of Balloons’ in 2011. His somber lyrics and unique voice lauded him international praise as a potential superstar. Fast forward to 2022 and the superstar vision is fully realized.

Easily one of the most recognizable figures in modern entertainment with over a decade of hits to his name. Now The Weeknd returns with a follow up to ‘After Hours’ with ‘Dawn FM.’ Sixteen tracks compose the latest efforts from Abel; as he inches closer to music nirvana.

Some fans wanted a return to his more “darker” day from his mixtapes but the groovy 80s sound of ‘Dawn FM’ hits smoothly. Features from Lil Wayne and Tyler The Creator help give the album perspective as well. For me, it can be played in a clothing store; but not lull you to sleep as in some of his previous efforts.

To much pleasure, Quincy Jones, Oneohtrix Point Never, and even, Jim Carrey lended appearances on the LP. While not a return to the sound that made millions fall in love with him, The Weeknd hits solid notes on ‘Dawn FM.’

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