The Vision with Ricky Rikkardo

Independent artist Ricky Rikkardo sat down with us recently to speak about his career and the  many visions he has for his future. This Brooklyn, New York musician is known for his versatility  and creativity. In 2021, the entertainment industry has had quite a bit of controversy over the  utilization of songwriter and stylists due to the idea that they are the actual creator of the music or  concept and not the artist.

The great part about Ricky Rikkardo is that he not only writes all of his own music, but he also creatively directs all of his music videos, as well. Ricky has the visions, and then he partners with dedicated creatives to achieve the concepts that he sees in his head. With so much creative genius Ricky Rikkardo has some really wonderful music videos and amazing songs  to go with them.

Tune in to his most recent single featuring Jim Jones, Mona Lisa, watch below.

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