The Sitdown With Upcoming Star Foxsta

One of the 2020s most phenomenal upcoming stars, Foxsta has released his eagerly awaited new project Don’t Sleep in the Trophy Room. It’s crazy how everything that happened to Foxsta is showcased in his music to showcase his talents to his listeners. The lyrics in his project are a reflection of that.

 Fueled by deeply personal storytelling and his powerful take on his rap career, Foxsta spotlights the unstoppable talent he has within his project and continues to build on his craft during this year to follow.

We sat down with Foxsta to get a inside look at his plans for 2021.

How have you been able to maintain creativity and inspiration throughout these past few months? 

Man, just staying focused on the goal, which is to constantly elevate me creatively. I’ve definitely had more time to self reflect on my career which gave me a better perspective on where I’m going to take it in the near future. I’ve been using this time to find my sound and master it. 

What has been the biggest difference in making music during this whole pandemic? 

The biggest difference for me has definitely been not being able to do live shows. I have a strong and energetic approach when I’m performing live I would say i have made the most impact on supporters/ fans from my live show which made me start writing and recording music around that. Now that there I transitioned to making my music around other parts of my daily lifestyle

Talk to me about your new release, what are some of the elements of this project that you really wanted to put an emphasis on?

My upcoming release is called “F Sport”  This project is just another demonstration of my growth as an artist. I fine-tuned my voice, I rearranged my flow and beat selection. Also, this is the first project I’ve dropped since the pandemic started so my perspective has definitely changed since my last release. 

What do you want fans to take away from 2020 versus 2021 you? 

In January 2020 I released my EP “Don’t Sleep in the Trophy Room” and I had planned to release two more projects following that but it took a second for me and my team to adjust to the changes the pandemic brought. This year, pandemic or not I’m going to stay consistent and keep my foot on the gas!

In terms of this year, what do you have in store? 

This year I’m giving ‘em more music videos, more music, more merch, more everything. I’m going to drop more content this year than I ever have in any previous year. I’m also working on a new apparel line. we will have a few pieces released in the near future.

Obviously, there aren’t going to be any physical tours this year. Do you have any virtual concepts in mind to keep the project going after release? 

Definitely, I’m going to put on a Live stream performance for the release of “F SPORT”, I’m thinking the day after the actual release.  We’re still brainstorming on how to make the live stream experience better, but it won’t be a long-drawn-out show, something short and sweet.

Who has been your favorite artist to collab with to date?  Man, a few. i would say Rics Rumble, Maya Huyana and Tomorrow Genius whenever i cook up with them the formula always comes out right

The Alchemist, Harry Fraud, Cardo Got Wings & Fuse are definitely people I want to work within the near future.

Make sure to watch his latest visual below and keep up with the young star.

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