The Masterpiece Ratxhet

You all know a masterpiece as something well-crafted, and Ratxhet is that piece in the music industry. He has been in the industry for six years, and his progress is incredible. He set foot in the industry with a hit that went viral, a sign of making it huge in the industry, something his fans can witness. 

He has graced numerous stages, and he is surprisingly releasing music each month. Before you even finish jamming to his song, there is already another one in store. He has been doing this consistently, showing how great a talent he is— a masterpiece in his niche. 

Ratxhet Background

Ratxhet was born on September 4, 1993. He grew up in Brooklyn but currently resides in Florida. He is thus an Orlando artist, a city he has received so much support. When he was young, he would freestyle and took it more seriously once he heard himself on an entire record. He started making music professionally in 2015. He hit the ground running being in a hit song, a remix to chiraq.

His Growing Profession

Ratxhet is an independent rap artist who writes his content purely by himself. In his songs, he freely expresses himself and his thoughts, allowing him to relate well with his audience. It also allows him to never run out of ideas, as he speaks life in different expressions. This way, he can release music constantly. He would sometimes pitch in in his music video concepts, but all according to his dope director, bro chek. His latest release is “M on the way.”

Ratxhet’s music sounds and beats are also on fire, and it’s because of a few of his highly talented producers. He loves listening to rap, and his best song is “40 in my pants.” His songs are pure genius, displaying the intuitive self and sharpness of the artist. Ratxhet puts in the work to produce bewildering jams. He has performed in numerous stages, but one epic one was opening for Cardi B on a stage that was packed wall to wall. 

Inspiration/ Motivation

Numerous people inspire Ratxhet, but one central person he looks up to and that he keeps mentioning is Lil Baby. He hopes to collaborate with him, open for him, tour, and perform with him. His kids also drive him to do his very best. The motivation of his family and city is another. His environment is quite supportive, allowing him to be his best version. 

Future Plans

Ratxhet is currently working on a tape he wants to release in the new year. And you can expect him to keep dropping till the world finds out about him. He is also aiming at selling out at Amway arena and traveling & performing in the UK. He wants to perform in the UK because his Spotify insights show he has many fans there. 

He is a person who has been pursuing music with diligence and grit. He is committed to his career, and it is no surprise how great he is and continues to become. You can find him on; 

Instagram: @therealratxhet

Apple Music:



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