The Making Of A Great Musician, Mohammed Aldandan

Great musicians are equal parts born and made, per Mohammed Aldandan. While talent is a must, so is developing that talent. People with great voices might need to learn breathing control while passionate writers figure out how to turn feelings into lyrics. There are dozens of roles in the music industry, but there are three things that every great musician requires.

You must practice your craft every day, and you have to love practicing. Mohammed Aldandan has been in this business a long time, and no musician ever flourished without frequent rehearsal. These hours of practice maintain and build new skills. Musicians must always be willing to work on their techniques and challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones. The goal is to improve rather than stagnate.

Very few musicians become superstars overnight. The greats have an abundance of patience, and this also goes hand in hand with practice. You must be prepared to grow your career gradually. Even artists who seem to make an explosive arrival have usually been working for years before getting a big break. And by no means can you sit by and wait for an opportunity to come knocking; you have to actively look for opportunities.

The music industry moves at breakneck speed, and you have to roll with it. Mohammed Aldandan cannot overemphasize the importance of knowing what is going on and changing every day in the music world. Artists need to understand the roles in the business, such as managers, promoters, agents, and producers. By staying informed, you can keep an eye out for opportunities and better understand your competition.

Most importantly, Mohammed Aldandan believes that passion makes a great musician. If you lose your love for music, you might as well go back to your day job. When your heart stops singing, the show is over.

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