The Letter M Releases “Statement”

What’s your favorite horror movie? The Shining? Halloween? Perhaps something more contemporary? If you like slasher flicks or axe-wielding protagonists, boy, do I have a film for you. It’s actually not a full length movie; it’s “Statement” by The Letter M. We’ve all seen rap videos allude to movies in the past. However, “Statement” brings its own nightmare to the table.

Grab your popcorn.

We begin in a dimly lit, ominous concrete parking garage presumably in the middle of nowhere. Two nameless characters do everything in their power to escape something. Rather, to escape someone. Enter The Letter M, with every intention of catching up to those fleeing his aura, axe in hand, smirk in mouth.

With Stone Mountain, Georgia to call home, M bursts with passion. In “Statement,” such passion certainly exits his body in the form of rapid-fire lyrical delivery. Usually, we would only be able to imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end of such determined aggression. But thankfully, M’s production team pulls the viewer into the story. You’re the dude running from him. Spoiler alert: M catches you and ties you up 30 seconds in. Then he raps in your face.

Directed by Kevin Wall with Atlanta-based production company Something To Say Productions, “Statement” characterizes The Letter M as a macabre psychopath. But one of those psychopaths that has something to say. One of the standout lines/shots allows M to proclaim he’s “top two and [he’s] not two.” Admittedly, it’s hard to argue with such a determined individual slathered with blood.

The track’s production is perfect for The Letter M’s reemergence after a three and a half year hiatus. Produced by Chris G and Diamond, “Statement” sonically foreshadows a massacre before M even says a word. The negative space between heavy piano notes will leave horror movie score directors salivating.

Fortunately for movie buffs and music fans alike, M just released Eastside General too. It’s a seven-layer EP to slice through after watching “Statement.” You’ve been warned.

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