The Kimonos are absolutely killing it

The Kimonos are absolutely killing it with the hype following their latest release “Ready When You Are”.  Do not sleep on these guys. They are the next best up and coming superstars. Originally from Tel Aviv, Omri Malka who makes up one half of the duo has been blowing show goers away with his incredible sound coupled with his partner and other half of the project Gabriele Falanga you do not want to miss one second of their performance. Together they form The Kimonos, an incredible combination of house and afro house sound that is guaranteed to take any party to the next level. This latest release embodies that notion entirely with its groovy melodies and incredible bass line. Something that only The Kimonos can cook up. You can bet that this song is going to be a hit. The Ready When You Are Ep features four songs; Blu Oasis, Ready When You Are, Ready When You Are (Instrumental Mix), and Ready When You Are (Tom Gatley Remix). You can listen to their songs from their new EP Ready When You Are on all three of these platforms: Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. 

o check out ‘Ready When You Are’ click here:

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