The Homies Are Always Welcomed To Kick it with kazi

Danger didn’t smash The Homies this time but they’re still the cool kids

The Homies are a upcoming music assemble comprised of unique individuals who I can called “dope music heads.” Now you might get confused on what do I mean by that? The stereotype on some music experts is that we can be a bit corny.

However, The Homies and I, pun intended, do our best to avoid that label. With musical creativity becoming “hip” again, The Homies are adding their own flair to the mix. Quiiso, Shloob, Ace Pro, and 2ForWonye each have a unique skillset that makes the group work perfectly. Add in co-creator and hip hop’s current favorite white person Jack Harlow, you got a group that needs more attention.

A good way to describe their sound would be a mish mash of A Tribe Called Quest, Frank Ocean, and Dreamville’s cast, yes you read that right. That’s a pretty diverse mix but they make it work. Opening up for acts such as Lil Uzi, Waka Flocka, and Jack himself, it’s easy to see the that thyme can relate to multiple audiences.

On a chill Friday evening I had the pleasure of speaking to the group and their charisma captured my attention immediately. It was to the point that doing just an article was doing them injustice so the interview will be posted when the footage is doing with edits. This is more of an examination piece of why you should listen to them.

Those who self reflect progress

A single that captured my attention from them was “Home Alone.” Originally, I though the song and visual would be based off the movie but I was surprised. It gave me a 2000s feel with modern production and it’s amazing. The group dichotomy and teamworked showed throughout the track which showcases The Homies potential.

According to them, “we looked at our catalog previously and didn’t have anything for the ladies so we made it for them.” As simple as a statement this was, I really loved it and I want it to be an example for fellow music artists. One thing is clear about this group, they have the ability to be confident and self critical.

It’s okay to look at your previous work and not feel like everything is perfect. The best creatives and people in general carry the ability to add something to their art. This way of life is embodied fully by The Homies and their overall work.

Personally I enjoyed their previous work, singles such as “Leaf Wraps” and “On Gawd” are in my alley. However, for them to last for awhile it’s not about appealing to what I or they like; it’s about making music that appeals to all different sorts of genres.

I’m glad that along with being blessed with amazing natural talent they come with a mindset to keep on progressing. Add in a dope blend of personalities and you got a assemble of potential musical avengers just waiting for their big opportunity.

Their latest release ‘Honest Living’ exudes ingenuity and creativity with commercial appeal. It’s a rare mix of originality and ability to be such a smooth listen that it again, as in point throughout this feature, gives people another reason why they should kick it with The Homies for at least one audio session.

They’re dope and I can wait to share the full visual interview soon. For now you may check out ‘Honest Living’ below to get a feel for them.

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