The DMV Connects For NoFace, Rapper & Olumide’s Hot New Video

The DMV is one of my favorite areas in the country. While it is comprised of three different areas, the region is very responsible for so much cultural impact. Traditionally, it’s never lost its’ golden touch. Hailing from Maryland, rising rapper Olumide tries to keep this streak alive as he recruits No Face, Rapper for their new video, “Do It Sum More”.

Produced by D’Artizt, “Do It Sum More” is a lively track that balances out the weight be carried by both the rappers and production. While the two trade off party bars about a fun night, that’s only promising to get better, the production behind it as well as the video definitely give it a bit more of a push. With the duo of rappers looking dapper in the visuals, the aesthetics of the video are sure to stay in listeners heads when they inevitably go play the audio.

Check out the video above and get familiar with the DMV’s finest.

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