The Bam Arrives With Trendy Track “Naggin”

The Bam has entered the chat with her new single “Naggin” and fans are here for the new journey into music. The Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star has dibbled and dabbled in music before, but this year she’s coming full force and putting on for the west coast with some new heat. “Naggin” is a upbeat and hard-hitting bop, providing that authentic Compton cadence — and The Bam is definitely representing her city to the fullest. A follow up to her single “Birthday Sis,” this new track is going to get the girlies up and moving just the same.

Preparing for a forthcoming project, The Bam has her hands busy in several lanes and still makes way for all. From a new season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, to running the House of Shimmer, and being a mother and artist, The Bam is showing other women how being multidimensional and having the courage to pivot into new passions can be motivating. “Naggin” is just the beginning of something great. Be sure to stream the new single here at KAZI Magazine!

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