The Armentani Brothers Are On A Hot Streak With Their Single, “Next To You,” Racking Up Over 600,000 Spotify Streams

The Armentani Brothers are a DJ trio of brothers consisting of George, Jimmie, and John Armentani. They are from the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA. All three brothers have loved music essentially since they were born. Their love for music turned into a love for dance music when George attended a Deadmau5 concert when he was 13 years old. After this, he started making mixes, original music, and hustling to play any show and event possible in the Philly area. A few years later, Jimmie became interested in DJing and started to learn the craft from George. Both built up their own followings in the area and played shows all over the city. The chain reaction continued when John was in high school when he became interested in DJing and then learned from both of his brothers. While all three were attending college full time, they began to play shows together as The Armentani Brothers and quickly made a name for themselves in the tri-state area. 

People love their high energy sets, ability to please any crowd, and most importantly their brotherly bond on stage which was evident in their chemistry. The three of them continue to play together as much as possible and are always working on new music to keep their sets fresh. They have played at some of the most popular clubs in Philadelphia and New York City and have been featured on several radio stations. The Armentani Brothers have plans to continue touring and building their brand while maintaining their strong connection with Philadelphia – the city that raised them and made them the DJs they are today.

“It is no surprise that music runs in our family. With our grandfather being a Greek Orchestra leader and our dad playing classic rock, we were exposed to music from a young age. This exposure to music at such an early age led us to develop a great foundation and idea for what sounds good to the listener. And this knowledge comes in handy every day, whether we are producing music in the studio or mixing music together for crowds at our shows.”

It’s always a pleasant surprise when things work out better than expected. In the case of the Armentani Brothers, a chance meeting led to the creation of a song that has been streamed over 600,000 times on Spotify. The brothers were discussing new material with Bryan McGlyn when he mentioned Kendall Huggins, a singer he had recently met. Bryan thought it would be great to collaborate with Kendall, and one thing led to another. Soon the Armentani Brothers, along with Tony Arzadon, were working on “Next To You” with Kendall. The finished product caught the attention of EDM fans around the world and collected many streams almost overnight. The Armentani Brothers followed up with a pair of original songs, “Better Than This” and “Made Me Leave.” The former track has been streamed over 200,000 times. It’s always satisfying when things come together better than expected. In this case, it led to the creation of some great music.

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