Thats Trip Is He Next Up “UNTAPPED TALENT”

It’s funny how an artist called Thats Trip manages to actually take us on a tip-in his latest song. “Cheeks” plays like a futuristic thrill ride through the gritty streets of America on LSD. The hard-hitting bars and unforgettable lines make it an instant banger right from the start. A timeless track that makes you remember what made hip-hop so great, to begin with.

The power is in the potent production. Not only that but his ability to fuse the classic lyrical style with a more modern feel. It’s a certified come-up tune designed to inspire and motivate. He wrote the song as a way of uplifting his listeners and pushing them to get more out of their life. To push the boundaries of what’s possible and go after what they really want. Having risen up from the gutter himself, he loves empowering the youth to achieve their dreams.

The video is just as magical. It is shot like a real-life party in a way that puts us right in the shoes of a party-goer. This results in an authentic feel that’s just brutally honest and human. Despite it being a motivational anthem, it’s still a reminder of the good times. That no matter how hard you work, everyone needs to let loose now and then. This mindset shows in the wholesome party-filler that still manages to infuse thoughtful lines into its spellbinding songwriting.

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