Tha.Bzn$$ Preps ‘Basement Music Vol. 1’ LP

Tha.bzn$$ is a Virginia-bred hip-hop artist getting ready to release his debut album. Moreover, volume 1 of a 2 part collection, “Bilingual Basement Music Vol. 1,” is coming soon. The project will include 14 tracks, with almost half of them in English and half in Spanish, showcasing his dynamic range. Tha.bzn$$ describes his sound as “vibey, infectious, and energetic” and admits he writes his music. While it certainly wasn’t his first choice, it has become his passion, having been in the industry for roughly 2 years now. 

As a former member of the military force, the rapper grew up in a strict household and said he didn’t have much access to music as a child. He wants to inspire people by telling his life story through his lyrics and being as authentic as possible with his fans. His sound is unique, blending distinct styles like Hip-Hop, Urbana, and Reggaeton. When asked about current artists he looks up to, tha.bzn$$ had three in mind – J. Cole, Kanye West, and J Balvin. While he does make music in English, the up-and-comer also raps in Spanish, making him stand out from a few other artists as he embraces his roots. With “Bilingual Basement Music Vol. 1’ dropping in a few weeks, tha.bzn$$ only hopes to connect with listeners by sharing his journey through his work.

Connect with tha.bzn$$ on Instagram HERE.

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