Tha Baztad “Brain Drain” 

Independent American Rapper Tha Baztad continues releasing new material as the up and coming artist releases new single, “Brain Drain” 10 days before the release of her first EP titled, “I’s Uv Eyesolashun”. Produced by Herself, the EP is composed of 6 songs including an intro.

“I’d understand if You’d hate Me,

I’m self destructive and crazy,

 And I really don’t think,

  I can put My trust In,

Somebody else to save Me,

Mental slavery!

   I’m just too far gone!”

The Michigan lyricist raps over a beat produced by Anabolic beatz for Her new single, “Brain Drain”.

You can listen to it here to it>>>>

And find Tha Baztad on all social media here through the links below>>

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