Test or not! Nothing Impeded This Artist’s Success!

Test from Baltimore City has been hitting high marks recently in 2021 and that’s due to years of resilience

Test, the well spoken, low key, and move making entertainer has always been gifted with the ability of gab; on multiple mediums. Today using his Snapchat, Test garnered a new fanbase in the UK with his motivational talk.

Also he released new music, such as his latest single, “Fo Sho.” It proceeds a new project entitled ‘Stop Playin Wit Me;’ which earlier this year that has the Freebandz affiliate on a up-swing of momentum. The future is bright for him and nothing is in his way.

Add in is his brilliant business savvy and understanding of how the industry runs equates to this South Baltimore resident making winning movements. However things weren’t always smooth sailing and Test stood the “test” of time to get to where he is today.

No, I’m not just speaking about when Future put him on game in 2018 but over a decade ago during a YouTube recorded freestyle with King Los.

Man that was years ago bro! What I can say about where I was then compared to where I’m at now is that I’m not ignorant to the business behind the game. While my energy was there, it wasn’t in terms of studying and knowing how the game operates. From that moment to 2018 when Future changed my life to now where I’m really building my own brand I can say that my energy today is catered to making sure my mind matches my high energy level.

Test on applying energy and moving more efficient.

Really good advice from a wise young rapper

It’s common for artists from the cities such as Baltimore to get distracted by local activities; which is cool because it’s apart of your story. However, once you get to a certain level, it’s time to take risks. Applying my energy to get out of my comfort zone and explore to world; in order to spread my music changed my life for the better. You got to work smarter not harder. Test on applying energy and moving more efficient. My advice for all artists currently out in the streets is look at the hustle your neighborhood OGs have and take that. Focus your energy on your music and apply that hustle, I promise you’ll find more joy in it. It’s not easy but it’s worthwhile.

Test on a possible a game plan for upcoming artists.

One thing I can say about this guy is that his responses to all of my answer where answer so cool that he had an actor’s mystique to him. It was like listening to Denzel Washington delivering a dope monologue. Sprinkle in his words of wisdom and I think he can be everybody’s favorite motivational speaker from the streets very soon!

It’s sort of reminiscent of the late, great Nipsey but Test adds his own feel to it. It’s a “testament” to not only how hard and smart he has worked to hone his craft but to perfect it. For his audience and I, it’s not just how he speaks but what he speaks about.

Diverse talent always win!

This incredible talent he has naturally with dialect transfers well with his music. Test offers gritty and hard hitting lyrics that can combine with melodic cadences to procure authentic street music that is also club savvy. His artistry is an extension of his life and it’s rare that to find a rapper actually back up his lyrical content.

You can say he passes the “Test” of life in his efficient and super productive way; but I feel like it’s much more to him that we will see soon! In the meantime, feel free to add his music to your daily rotation, it’s high recommended. Also keep up with him on Instagram and tune into his dope motivational content on Snapchat (@test410).

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