$tereoDaKing drops an inviting new song, “TAX”

$tereoDaKing gives us a new track to jam, “TAX” self-produced by $tereo! From the studio to your choice of speakers, headphones, AirPods, whatever floats your boat these days, $tereoDaKing gives us a dose of his mind on this fresh record. $tereo is taxing any random who comes his way by etching hard bars into the beat. Nonetheless, this song is underrated yet could still be heard by the masses if picked up correctly.

Nothing like some good music for the ears on this fine week. $tereoDaKing’s team even teased more music to be dropped in the near future. We can expect a whole lot from this aspiring artist known as $tereoDaKing. He’s very versatile and can attack the mic with no hesitation. Be the first to put your friends on to $tereoDaKing and listen to his brand new song “TAX” out now!

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