Tech and Music Expert DMajor Is Helping Artists Reach Success

Technology has played a key role in shaping the music industry. It has introduced music composers to home studios and musicians to live streaming platforms so they can reach the world. The blend of tech and music has more amazing opportunities waiting to be unlocked. Rashad Lewis, known by his stage name DMajor, has dedicated his life to helping budding talents leverage technology to scale their careers. From a successful tech entrepreneur, DMajor transitioned into an artist to be a role model for aspiring musicians in the industry. 

DMajor started his entrepreneurial journey soon after graduating from Duke. With the success of his first tech company, DMajor founded several more, including non-profit tech organizations. He offers tech training facilities to underprivileged children and the youth through these non-profits. His passion for technology doesn’t end there. Realizing technology’s contribution to music, DMajor started an independent label named BNR Records. 

The label offers state-of-the-art technology to provide a one-stop destination to meet the needs of every budding artist. From recording to media, an artist can get best-in-class services under this label to reach their creative best. Currently, BNR Records operates out of Atlanta, Charlotte, and Orlando. Within a short period of launching his independent label, DMajor realized that contemporary artists lack the enthusiasm and dedication needed to scale a career in the music industry. Tired of this, DMajor became a musician himself to be an example for others. 

Today, DMajor is known for his mastery of pop music, leaving his audience craving more. He combines fresh ideas with his tech knowledge to create unique urban sounds that entertain the audience. He plans to continue his journey and introduce more advanced tech concepts to grow as a musician.

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