Tay2x Talks “Time Will Tell”

When asked what are two words that described this Artist. His answer was “Disastrous Rewards”. Hailing from the birthplace of Hip Hop, Bronx born rapper Tay2x finally drops off his highly anticipated album “Time Will Tell”. This 7 Track album features Flosscity Records, labelmates Ziico Niico, & Amir.


Tay2x is here to claim the throne as the prince of the Bronx, New York in the hip-hop scene. Tay wants his fans to take an inside look into his life living in the boogie down. He takes you through his personal experiences of life whether it was losing his entire crew due to the infamous Bronx 2016 takedown, personal relationships or the everyday grind as he embarks to begins to build his name in the industry.

This is only the beginning of Tayx2. Tay has been locked in, & hitting the studio since dropping his album “Time Will Tell”. What else is to come for Tay2x? Well, we all just have to wait & see.


I was able to chop it up with Tay2x to get a little more insite on his project “Time Will Tell”

Q: Hey, so the first question is, what is your inspiration behind your music?

A: Life itself, being able to express my personal experiences through music keeps me motivated

Q: What would you say is your biggest musical influence.?

A: My emotions, Like I have songs depending on whatever mood I’m in. Whether it’s relationships, me losing my older brother Rozay and close friend Donny to the streets, or even aspirations to become rich.

Q: What is the meaning behind the title ”Time Will Tell”?

A: Time Will Tell is almost self-explanatory, I feel like all those sleep on me will wake up eventually, me telling you that I have a spot in the hip hop industry isn’t gonna convince, only time Will tell.

Q: Choose any track off of the album & tell me the story behind the track.

A:  Doubted Me ( number 3 ) is a song that was created because I felt a lot of people were sleeping on me. I started making music and my friends were sleeping on my dreams so this song was me expressing my feelings towards that.

Q: What do you want people to take away from your latest project ”Time Will Tell”?

A: I want people to make connections from their own personal experiences to the album. So they know they’re not alone going through the obstacles they face.

Q: What can we expect to see from Tay2x in the future?

A: You can expect to see me rising in the New York hip hop scene and another album which is gonna be 2x better

Time Will Tell Album Is Out Now

Written By Malaja Dior (@IAmMalajaDior)

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