Tay Spades Taps Lady London To “Add It Up” All 2022

Back in 2020, Tay Spades and Lady London teamed up to deliver their single, “Add It Up“. After the collaboration garnered much traction. As a result, the sizzling single accumulating over 100k streams across all DSPs. Although the record was released two years ago, the duo felt it deserved an accompanying vibrant visual. In-fact the two tapped in again to arrive with the accompanying visual to close out 2022.

Many would assume Tay and Lady would come with a typical video filled with money due to its title, but they took a very different, creative approach for the Moses x Amani directed clip. Boxing to be exact.

Here’s what Tay Spades had to say about “Add It Up”;
“We were in the studio bouncing ideas back-and-forth — and realized we didn’t want to go the stereotypical route. You know.. money, cars, girls, etc … and being we ‘knocked out’ both our flows and [the] hook .. we came up with the boxing idea… add up the wins. It definitely was the right idea because it made the record come to life for sure!”


“It was also just super fun. Lady and I go way back.. so anything we do together is always bigger than the music and of course, fun. Shoutout to my guys Jay Reeves and J.J. Green too .. who did their thing with the skits too!”

Since stepping on the scene, Spades has collaborated with numerous New York rappers, including Jay Gwuapo, Lady London, and Rich the Kid, to name a few. In doing so, he continues to develop as an artist with each and every drop. His fan base has also grown exponentially, with listeners drawn to his smooth, yet aggressive flow. Quickly rising to fame, Tay Spades is a Jamaican-American artist based in Queens, New York. Additionally, he is a founding member of LLOMB (Lavish Life Only My Brother), his other major focus aside from his career.

Overall, Tay Spades and Lady show it’s never too late to release a song’s video, especially when it comes out as cinematic as “Add It Up” did. This will for sure regain the buzz and having fans hoping for even more collaborations from the two. We hope so as well. Until then, watch “Add It Up” here at KAZI Magazine. Lastly, be sure to stream the audio on your preferred DSP. 





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