Tallie Spencer Turns Things Up A Notch On “Show Some Love” Podcast

Trailblazing through the media world is renowned Music and Culture journalist, Tallie Spencer! The media boss babe is balancing brands, businesses, beauty and brains. With 5+ professional years of experience in the field of writing, producing, and hosting interviews with celebrity talent, it’s time to get things in gear. Give the fans the visuals they’ve been eager to see on a constant basis. Many may know Tallie as the CEO and founder of independent platform, Remixd Magazine. Her Google approved platform shares music news while working with independent talent to highlight their stories and journeys in music.

From being behind the scenes excelling artists’ careers ahead through public relations to stepping into the spotlight as one of the industry’s raved reporters, Tallie is taking things to the next level! Last week, Tallie launched a new podcast, Show Some Love as she jumpstarts her new journey! This time, the music journalist and media host switches it up a bit on her new show about love, dating, and relationships in the entertainment industry. The popular new podcast is produced by Bianca Bibbs with creative direction by Robert Thomas of Breakin Ground TV. It consists of a series of open and honest conversations, with Tallie and her special guests. They will be joining her to discuss their personal experiences, covering everything from dating to situationships, ghosting, gender norms, amongst other trending topics! 

Tallie Talks Situationships With Seddy

Talle and Seddy

This trendy topic took the podcast world by storm as she launched the platform with a familiar face as her first special guest. For the debut drop, Tallie is joined by rapper Seddy Hendrinx to define “situationships” and why they are so prevalent in today’s dating culture. Throughout the show, the two talk about what a situationship is and how to tell if you’re in one.


Additionally, Tallie and Seddy talk about commitment, taking things to the next level, the blurred lines and expectations of situationships, and first date scenarios. Overall, the episode is an exciting introduction to what’s to come.

Show Some Love: Episode 2

With back to back drops, Tallie returns with her most recent release, Episode 2: Gina Views. Showing love to the ladies, Tallie doesn’t hold back and asks Gina maybe one of the hardest questions one could answer. Check out the clip below.


If you enjoyed the first episode, then be sure to lock in every Wednesday for a new episode. Each and every Wednesday will feature a new guest from the media and entertainment ready to rock the Show Some Love Podcast! If you haven’t already, stream and download the SSL Podcast on your preferred streaming service! Lastly, press play to catch up on the Show Some Love Podcast here at KAZI Magazine!


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