Taliban Glizzy, Hip Hop’s Transparent Trapstar

Taliban Glizzy, the king of Uptown, is an interesting case. Coming from the Capital of the Country, Washington D.C., Taliban is known as the “King Of Uptown.” Throughout the past decade, his colleague Shy Glizzy has touched all various stages, even the Grammys. Now it’s Taliban’s turn to add to the Glizzy Gang legacy. 

With his breakout single alongside Canada standout Pressa Armani titled “Attachments” and various singles such as Keltec, ARP, Slide Over with Shy Glizzy, and others buzzing in multiple parts of the world, Taliban is being put on various music fans’ radars. He’s even working on a project to be released this summer. Life is good for the D.C. standout, but it wasn’t always like that. 

“Growing up, I was always in trouble,” he said. “To this day, some of my actions back then still have consequences in the present time. I’m still on probation and parole, but all I’m doing now is staying focused and making music.” 

Taliban met Shy in Uptown, when Shy was in his hood with one of his cousins. At the time Taliban was shooting dice and an altercation arised. After Shy showed that he was down for the cause when a fight broke out, the two then formed a sort of alliance.

It wasn’t until later they met in prison and remembered each other from that night. Taliban’s youth involved multiple encounters with the system, he has constantly been overcoming obstacles in his past to get where he is today. Not only does he have perseverance but also transparency and character, a rare trait for musicians today.

 Taliban the transparent

As soon as we hopped on the phone, he shared a few personal stories about how he grew up. . For respect of the artist, I will not write about it, but I will say it shows how open he is in letting the world know him. He grew up in a city ridden with drugs, murder, and robbery. He speaks on how easy it is to become a product of your environment. Taliban is an upcoming artist of the people and wants his forthcoming project to show it. 

“I guarantee you my new music is going to shake everybody up,” Taliban said. “I’m coming different. It’s authentic and will show everybody not only me but my mindset. With all the momentum now, it’s only right. Also, I got a single dropping with DDG soon that’s going to set the world on fire. However, in the meantime, go watch my new video for my single ‘Suicide Bombers’ on Youtube. Finally, ‘Attachments’ went gold, so I got a nice plaque to bring back home; I’m going to hang it on the wall in the trenches.” 

The energy he had talking about his music was refreshing. Humble and hardworking, he’s more than just Taliban Glizzy, but another figure meant to spearhead the continued rise of various DMV artists. Along with a few he shouted out, such as NO Savage and Baby Fifty, he reps D.C. in the most genuine way possible.

The real D.C., his take

Growing up listening to Go-Go, probably my favorite part of our convo cause I’m a fanatic as well; Taliban’s musical acumen has always been blessed with different sounds that caught your attention. The energy about the sound influenced his style as well. 

When people view the city, they don’t get the “nitty-gritty” usually. That’s where Taliban comes in. 

“Mane, look, somebody has to tell the stories of the children growing up in the hood. It’s a lot of kids out there trying to make it out, and I got to make music for them to keep them going.” 

Such wholesome values have always been at the forefront of Glizzy’s mind. Naturally, he’s a good person who just happened to come from challenging circumstances. Two things that kept him going, especially recently, are watching the success of Shy and his religion. 

“When I was locked up, I saw and heard about Shy’s rise outside the city. We always kept in contact throughout the years.”

Taliban Glizzy

More than rap

When Taliban got out of prison, he linked back up with Shy but it wasn’t about music. He didn’t even see that his future held a rap career. Now it’s Taliban’s turn to add to the legacy of GG.

Glizzy practices the Muslim faith, so currently, he’s fasting in honor of Ramadan. Pictures of his kid and him in religious attire showcase him in good light. Taliban is not afraid of who he is but embraces it.

Today, he is amazed by the life he’s living. Just the other day, he heard “Attachments” in rotation with the most prominent artists in the world on the radio and wants to keep that feeling of excitement going his own way. “Attachments” now has millions of streams. 

Hood and transparent, a rare combination that shows why you should keep him on your radar. For now, you can check out the official video for “Suicide Bombers” below.

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