Taleban Dooda, Florida’s Next Up Star

Taleban Dooda should be on everybody’s radar for 2021-2022

Taleban Dooda is the latest rapper from the State of Florida that has built a significant buzz. Dark, eerie melodic gritty lyrics combine sonically with energetic trap beats to create a unique sound akin to him. Breakout ingles “Tru Colors” and “2 In Da Morning” out the young Florida artist on watch. Recent singles with Yung Bleu, 42 Dugg, and OMB Peezy add a bit more to the flair.

Catching up with Taleban over Zoom was amazing. The genuine energy exuded off each word Dooda spoke and It made me see why he has built a buzz. To me, he reminds me of a mix of Kodak and Young Thug but happier. I know, that might be a bit weird but it makes sense.

However, humble as he is renowned, Taleban started off with freestyles back in high school. It’s interesting because normally artists who are more of the melodic spectrum of hip hop trend to ride production. For Taleban, he can effortlessly take over a track with just his world play. High quality production adds more flair to his music.

Music to me is my favorite for of expression. Anything I spit in the both comes straight from the heart. Originally, like my freestyles, it was something fun. Now along with that, it puts money on the table and can change my family’s life.

Taleban Dooda on musical expression

One of a kind

Even when compared to his current colleagues, not one word can define Dooda. From his style to sound, it’s not one musical pocket you can put him into. That is his biggest strength and it shall hopefully grant him a long music career.

Maybe a good term to describe his music is hood and rhythm. Taleban represents the trenches with a unique cadence and flow that’s rare today among current rappers. Being himself is something the Florida native takes seriously.

I’m one for one or one of a kind. My music and brand is not something you see everyday. I take pride in having people know that Taleban Dooda is original. It’s too much sh*t being repeated over and over again today. From my music to concepts, while I enjoy today’s music please don’t compare me to the sounds of today. I’m one of a kind.

Taleban Dooda on his unique sound and having pride in it.

The star power in Taleban is evident and I wish nothing but the best for his future endeavors. If you’re interested in new artist, I would recommend his ‘Fallen Angels’ project. Below is his latest music video for single “Stay Dangerous” Ft. Dee Watkins.

It’s a fun and charged up vine that should give you feelings of viewing a future trap Rockstar in Taleban Dooda.

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