Take A Trip To Portland With Native, S’ahli On His Impressive New EP

Artistic progression is one of the more wonky ideals of 2019’s ever changing music climate. Back in the day, we weren’t even introduced to artists until they were fully developed. Now, thanks to sites like Audiomack and Soundcloud, we get to see an artist go from bedroom hopeful, to eventual superstar and everything in between—for better or worse. Portland native S’ahli, who just dropped his new project, Light It Up: The EP, is potentially one of those artists.

At 6-tracks, the project is without a doubt, but never seems rushed. Throughout the EP, S’ahli showcases his keen knack for clever punchlines, intriguing cadences and an overall digestible message. In short, the project feels like a fulfilling appetizer while getting drinks at the bar. You’re full for now, and it was just enough to satisfy you, which only creates more anticipation for dinner later. We’ll be hungry again, soon.

Check out the project below and get familiar with S’ahli.

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