Taizu Perfects His Craft in New Visual for ‘Practice’

Taizu, an experimental Indian rapper whose unique background creates a sound of his own as he releases his Newest single “Practice”. Bringing you High energy instrumentation, thought provoking lyrics, and bass heavy vocals work in harmony to produce music that hopes to redefine the status quo without sacrificing replay value.

Practice” is sure to satisfy any fan of clever lyricism and heavy 808s. Produced by Rishi Rex, Taizu’s long-time collaborator creates a high-energy melody that is sure to have your head bumping. Complex wordplay and animated production join hands to bring a smile to anyone who’s been missing the Lil Wayne era of hip hop.

The visuals play off the closing lines of his first verse, “My vision clear, could see with no eyes. You lookin’ so blind.” The high energy vocals and fast cutting visuals create a rapidly paced music video with plenty of replay value.

Check out his dope video below!

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