Tai Smoove Releases ‘Heart In The Sand’ EP

Tai Smoove is an artist who embodies this ethos, with his “dynamic by design” sound that is equal parts real and raw. One property of music that makes it so powerful is its ability to tune us in with our emotions and feel safe expressing outwards.

Hailing from the Bronx but now based in Yonkers, NY, it was Tai’s mother who empowered him. This helps him become comfortable with truly expressing his feelings. Moreover, a skill that has greatly contributed to the emotion that is laden in his music. Extremely versatile, Tai has been known to traverse the spectrum of music. He is flirting with Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dancehall, & even EDM. He has since released a slew of singles and two albums to date, ‘Sound Wave’ and ‘Heart In The Sand.’

Tai Smoove On His New Project

“I wanted my fans to feel like the project was a journey. The only way I could truly provide this was by dedicating an enormous amount of time. Moreover, deciding and creating a tracklist that was captivating sound wise that didn’t take you too far in any direction; I wanted them to see the growth within the project to where I was to where I am today” 

– Tai Smoove

T.’ai Smoove’s latest endeavor, ‘Heart In The Sand,’ is a Caribbean-inspired, R&B-infused sonic affair that pivots around heartfelt lyricism that expresses vulnerability, perfectly encapsulating the style that Tai has become synonymous with. Sentimental notions aside, Tai Smoove isn’t one to neglect groove. Furthermore, he always leaves room for his productions to translate on the dancefloor via his hypnotic vibes.

Tai Smoove’s “Heart In The Sand” expresses vulnerability while pushing fans to dance and enjoy the rhythm. This project has seven tracks that are ordered so that each song blends and transitions smoothly. The tracklist was an extensive and planned process which was very important to him to provide a captivating and smooth transition of musically sonically throughout the EP. 

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