Tae Terrez Is The Industry’s Latest Trailblazing Talent!

Terrance Terrez Hogan, better known by his stage name Tae Terrez is leaving his mark on the industry one track at a time! Making noise from Memphis, Tennessee this multifaceted musician and songwriter has a pen game that can go up against the hottest out! 

Tae Terrez has been penning music since 2015 after returning from South Korea for serving in the Army. Shortly after in 2018, Tae Terrez stepped on the scene when he debuted his first visual that brought a buzz which spread like wildfire! Sparking the interest of A&R’s and attracting the attention of fellow artists. As a result, his fanbase and network began to expand. Unfortunately, due to him serving in the military, Terrez was unable to sign with a label. But that didn’t stop the passion! Instead, Tae took another route. 

For the following two years, the Memphis-made artist got his foot in as a ghostwriter and creative for both indie and industry artists alike. Finally focusing more on his craft, Tae turns the spotlight towards him — as should! After years of highlighting his talents through others, he shines the spotlight onto his talents as a solo artist. In 2020, Tae Terrez drops off his debut EP Nights In Waikiki! Which not only garnered global recognition, it especially received praise from the locals of Hawaii. 

Separating himself apart from his peers, he sets the tone for his own lane. His most recently released project, highlights a heavy melodic R&B style and sound. Inspired in the studios surrounding Honolulu, Tae wanted to create a record that provided a pleasant vibe. He wanted to bring to life a record that could be played quietly in the background. One that reminisces a moment of vibing while smoke and liquor are being passed around.

Establishing himself as an emerging artist, Terrez is still performing as an independent artist in Hawaii. Doing local shows and making appearances while working on his first full-length project. Terrez is a multi-genre artist who, like Tory Lanez, Drake, or Doja Cat, can be classified as a Hip-Hop, Pop, or R&B act. Touching the hearts, ears and bodies of fans through his tracks, Tae Terrez is a star! Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more from this trailblazing talent! 


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