$tackz Is Up To Something Special With New Single “I’m Wit It”

$tackz, who was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi, is a newcomer to the scene who aspires to be a household name in the hip-hop music industry. He’s gone a long way in his career, from recording his first song in the closet of his Mississippi house to hitting the studio for a private session. He does, however, want to take things a step further and go all-in on making his goal a reality. He released a new track called “I’m Wit It” on his path to make it happen, and it’s certainly worth a listen.

Im Wit It” proves that $tackz is serious about what he does. If you offend him or any of his associates, he will respond appropriately and will not let you off the hook as others may. $tackz always tells it how it is and won’t let anyone think otherwise. He’s as genuine as they come, and his demeanor has gained him respect, which he reflects in his music.

Im Wit It” establishes the tone with which $tackz plans to approach all of his tracks. He always keeps it real with everyone and raps about his experiences. There’s no telling how far $tackz could take his career and at this rate, he’s bound to make it to the top. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for future releases as you’re not going to want to miss out on any more of his journey.

Stream $tackz “Im Wit It” on Spotify here.

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