T Dot’s Raeshaun Gives Us a Summer Smash “Dubai”

Typically, the summer is when new love surfaces and trips all over the world are made. Many listeners tend to yearn for songs that embody those feelings of fun and sexiness with fly-out read melodies. Raeshaun was named ‘one of 65 Canadian artists taking the world to new levels,’ by YouTube Music. After numerous other accolades, Raeshaun has steadily been delivering a feel of trap, pop, and Caribbean influence in his music. Furthermore, the Toronto native pushes the borders of genres, making his music a combination of cultures, authority, and sounds.

The artist and producer joined forces with Karl Wolf on his latest record “Dubai” to deliver a track that embodies that new summer fling. Inspired by a combination of their Guyanese and Lebanese roots, the song gives off a perfect international feel (who wouldn’t want to fly out to Dubai). Raeshaun is sure to bring a high energy, vibrant melodies to his listeners. This makes “Dubai” a memorable track to highlight the summer. Be on the lookout for more from Raeshaun this summer and listen to “Dubai” below:

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