Syo Embraces Life On Debut “Senioritis” EP

Syo is a soulful crooner from the Houston, Texas area. This time he delivers his debut EP Senioritis, a vibrant collection of six songs that blends, neo-soul, R&B, rap, and blues for a much-needed break from Tik Tok trends and trap music.

Born in Alief, a suburb of Houston, TX, Syo grew up in a strict household where rap was outlawed. However, this allowed him to explore artists like Sade and Erykah Badu which helped him hone in on what would become a soulful, R&B infused sound.

“By the time I started to make music I couldn’t really sing, so I would always make the melody and have someone else sing while I perfected my craft of rapping. But now that I’ve taught myself to sing I guess you can say I’m returning to my roots”


Syo Has A Love For Music

“I remember the moment I decided I wanted to rap,” Syo explained. “7th grade, our English teacher put Me, Najeem, and Tre at the same table. Worst mistake. We were all class clowns. One thing we used to do was freestyle every day. Except I never did, it was mostly Tre and Najeem. One day they kept egging me on and I finally did the corniest freestyle about “crack” but everyone went crazy and that moment encouraged me to go home and start writing for real.”


However, even after playing around with music for years, the Texas native started taking it seriously in college.

“Sitting in class one day hearing my professor lecture on and on and I realized that there was no way I could do this anymore. Go to class I’m not interested in, to get a job I don’t love, for what? For money? No. Music is where I need to be,” the young talent explained.

Now that Syo has released his first EP, he remains to be focused on music over fame or money. He explained:

“I honestly just want to save as many lives as I can with my music. And go down as the greatest performer of my generation would be nice too!”

Stay tuned for more from Syo and check out the EP here!

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