Symba’s Soulful Lyricism Shines At Tiny Desk Concert

The Bay Area rapper Symba kicks off his Tiny Desk Concert with “Don’t Condone” and relatable “Can’t Win for Nothing”. Symba quickly shifts gears to spitting bars as he’s known for, starting with `Never End Up Broke”. In the middle of my second repeat of the concert, trying to describe his well-known ability for storytelling, the word patience hit me. Which would explain Symba’s undeniable skills and control over every bar spit.

As I got to know Symba while reading about him, I saw Carl Lamarre say it best in his
September issue of Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Rookie of the month. “No one exercises patience better than Symba.” There is no denying his patience and talent if you’ve gotten even a glimpse of his awareness and flow as he shares his story.

The conversation Symba is having with those paying attention to his words is pretty universal. Anyone who has persevered can easily relate.Though as someone who works closely with artists, “Sacrifices” and “Goat” hit differently. Especially when you’ve seen the real sacrifices, trauma, high highs, and low lows that artists experience while following their dream. Baring their soul as they continually are knocked down, but can’t help but get back up fighting.

Tell me, if I fall, would you pick me back up?
Niggas back around me ’cause I got my bag up
Got it out the mud, built it from the ground up
Countin’ all this money but the love don’t add up
I done made sacrifice after sacrifice, I swear
Put my heart in this shit but the love wasn’t there

Back-up vocalists Ebony Joi & Julian Colema have shining moments throughout, enhancing Symba’s smooth delivery. As he effortlessly transitions into each track ending the concert with “Never Change”, something he plans on never doing.

Symba’s palpable understanding of the bigger picture even from his beginning shows.

“Results take Time”.

staff writer: hussypr

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