Sylvan LaCue Returns With New EP

Sylvan LaCue is making a comeback with his new EP, ‘Young Sylvan‘. Adding songs like “Peter Pan” and “PS2” to his catalog, he is coming back to the scene with raw energy and crazy flows! On this new project, the Miami artist seized the opportunity to speak on overcoming obstacles. Addressing mental health, childhood traumas, and embracing who he has become; Personally and professionally. With an abundance of growth and healing on full display, LaCue has released lyrics that leave him feeling liberated and empowered. Needless to say, he is prepared to consistently deliver what his fans didn’t even know they were waiting for.

Since releasing his last EP ‘Apologies in Advance‘ in 2018, Sylvan was able to take time to redefine his sound and elevate his content. Experiencing the loss of his Grandmother, as well as having faced other obstacles of life, he has poured much of his past experiences and learned lessons into ‘Young Sylvan’, available on all platforms.

Check out what Sylvan has in store for his fans in the conversation below!

Vayda Maryse: Congratulations on your new release, “Young Sylvan” your flow is super fly.

How does the release feel, thus being your latest project?

Sylvan LaCue: It feels great! It feels liberating. The producers and I have been sitting on the music since 2019. So it feels like a relief, really good to finally get it out there. We’ve been baking this project up for a while now.

Vayda Maryse: Your last project, Apologies in Advance, dropped in 2018. What has the time off been like?

Sylvan LaCue: There was a lot of recalibrating. After Apologies in Advance, things were just like a whirlwind. A lot of traveling, a lot of new success, and I was just getting used to all the new attention. After going on tour, and my grandmother passed away, among other things, I was just exhausted. A lot was going on personally with my family, and even for myself as a Man. Funny enough, we were actually scheduled to come out in 2020, but you know the vibes (COVID-19). It actually gave us more time to do more interwork. Plenty of growth, healing a lot of childhood traumas, confronting a lot of shit. I took the time to just be real with myself about things I didn’t really question over the past 10-15 years.

Vayda Maryse: Were you more excited or nervous about releasing ‘Young Sylvan’?

Sylvan LaCue: Nervous. Definitely. I was going in a completely different direction. ‘Apologies’ was a somber, emotional, and soft sound project. I knew my fans were probably expecting part 2 of that. But, Young Sylvan wasn’t that. Like nah, we going in a whole different direction. Also, I wasn’t explaining much roll-out-wise or about the concept. So I wasn’t sure how the bait and switch was going to turn out. I was excited for sure. But, I really didn’t know how people were going to respond to it. That made me nervous.

Vayda Maryse: What did this EP do for your mental health? It sounds like this was an opportunity for you to speak and be heard.

Sylvan LaCue: It was relieving to feel emotions that I used to feel ashamed of; Anger, frustration, rage, resentment. Emotions I learned as a kid to suppress. I’ve acknowledged that I can’t live like that anymore. Circumstances, the way things were happening, and things in my life were all leading to emotions that needed to come out in some way. It wasn’t just the music, my personal life exhibited that as well. This EP allowed me to be okay with the other side of healing. One side is really cool, centering yourself, peace of mind. But, the other side of that is actually acknowledging what you feel and deal with it. That feeling was liberating. I was no longer suppressing emotions. I wasn’t allowing these emotions to hold power over my life anymore.

Vayda Maryse: You have a few gaming references throughout the EP, mentioning ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in Power Rangers and you even have a song called, PS2. What is the significance of gaming in relation to your hip-hop?

Sylvan LaCue: Growing up, gaming was a huge thing for me. At one point, I had a tug-of-war with hip-hop. I’m definitely an “all or nothing” kind of guy. So, I started really getting into hip-hop and left gaming and a lot of other things behind. Gaming to me, as a child, was everything. There were only a few things you were doing as a kid, either watching Dragon-Ball-Z or gaming. With ‘Young Sylvan’ that was a big highlight. All those references, I wanted to use because it was what helped shaped my reality, and to some degree, my adulthood also.

Vayda Maryse: Have you ever thought of exploring any endeavors in the gaming world?

Sylvan LaCue: I honestly haven’t. Funny enough, I feel like I need to re-explore it. It’s like my inner child is like “Yo fam, we need to have some fun!”

Vayda Maryse: So, there is a business that you do have called WiseUp & Co., a company you have geared to shaping new artists. Tell me what the people should know about WiseUp.

Sylvan LaCue: WiseUp & Co. started off as a label. When I left Visionary Music Group back in 2014, I was on a traditional wave. So, I started WiseUp just as a place to house my music. However, as of recently, I started to rebrand it as a place where I can share the knowledge I’ve gained as an independent artist, to share with new artists. It serves as an educational platform of artistry. Also, in the near future, a place for artist development. I just want to provide the tools and resources that were once shared with me. I’d like to leverage a partnership with other labels that are offering the same knowledge to people looking to start a career in music. Fifteen years in the game, there is a lot of knowledge to be shared.

Why is it important for you, personally, to help new and upcoming artists?

Sylvan LaCue: Freedom. Freedom means a lot to me. Artistry symbolizes freedom. I feel like everyone is an artist in their own way, doesn’t matter what they’re creating. But, for my expertise which is music, I want to see everyone who is creating to be empowered within their choices, who they are, and what they capable of. Artistry encourages you to know more about yourself because your work is a direct correlation of who you are as a person. Why not give the tools that I have and what I’ve learned to artists trying to figure this thing out. They have so many new resources and technology.

Vayda Maryse: Now that you’ve got new music out right before the summer, what can we expect next from Sylvan LaCue?

Sylvan LaCue: Episode 3 is coming, pretty soon. That’ll be like a 3 part trilogy. I’m going to be putting a lot more work into WiseUp & Co., I am really excited about that. Overall, from a music standpoint just consistency. A pattern that I’ve had is allowing life to hinder my consistency. I love music, I love being an artist. But, I’ve always felt like I had to deal with life on my own terms. I’ve got a lot more grip on myself now, I know myself a little bit more and life isn’t as overwhelming. So plenty of fun, a lot more consistency with music, and a lot of energy with WiseUp, I’m very excited about it all.

Get a taste of ‘Young Sylvan’ with this music video for Peter Pan below!

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