Swayzebane Sets The Tone With New Single “2 Wrongs”

Swayzebane is an independent Canadian R&B singer-songwriter who has genre fluidity while bringing back 90s RnB in a fashionable way, his lyrics are that of love stories, heartbreak and the journey back from love lost. He is the “ghost of all styles, a style that can’t be implicated or duplicated, bringing the 90s back in a modern world”.  Swayzebane’s new single “2 Wrongs” recorded and mixed by Ante O’Connor at Abstract Studios in Woodbridge, does just that. It is nostalgic and emotionally explicit, giving his audience a yearning to listen to the song over and over. 

When we asked Swayzebane about his musical journey, he explained that it’s been a long journey and that it has been  long and difficult. Ante has been a god send in the studio “he gets it, gets me and gets it dead on each time”. “2 Wrongs“is the first single off his upcoming EP which will be paired with a visual set to release later this spring. For now, get familiar with Swayzebane by streaming more of his music on your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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Swayzebane Sits To Talk “2 Wrongs” and More

  • Hey! Let’s get into your artistry and where it all began. Who is Swayzebane and where did it all begin for you? 

Swayzebane is the ghost of all styles, the best in the game have passed away, so Swayze is the ghost, the one that comes back to bring the original RnB sound back in a time of modern hip hop proclaiming “the past, the present and the future of RnB”. Bane – he is the villain that is trapped in the dark in the comics, but Bane to me is an alter ego a dark side that I have outgrown but is the grungy, edgy side of me where Swayze is sweet, sexy, singing loverboy. 

  • How old were you when you began writing music?

Music for me began when I was very young. First song I ever wrote was 17 years old 

  • Have you penned music for others? If so, who? 

Yes, I have. I wrote a song called “You” for another Canadian RnB sensation and singer, Jay Evans from Hamilton, ON. 

  • With such an authentic signature sound. What’s your creative process like? 

I become one with the sound of the beat and then harmonize and hear myself on the music. 

  • Coming onto the scene hot as Canada’s newest R&B newcomer, how would you say your hometown has helped hone your craft?

Being from Toronto has helped shape how I don’t want to sound, I don’t want to sound like everyone else, I do not follow a blueprint of what I should be, but what I am. This has helped me explore different tones, pitches and melodies within myself. Originally, I did grow up in Montreal and would like to connect with many of those artists as they also have a unique sound. For example, Bill da kid, he is one of Montreal’s finest and good friend. I would also like to collaborate with Banx & Ranx because their creative flow would exacerbate my sound. 

  • You’ve mastered the nostalgic sound of the 90s while molding in the modern day melodies with your signature sound. So I have to ask, which record would you say made you fall in love with the genre?

The one record that made me fall in love with RnB is “FOREVER MY LADY” by Jodeci

  • With that being said, your latest raved record comes as a vibe. Unveiled as the leading single for your forthcoming EP, what about this record made you say let’s give this to the fans as a sneak peak? 

2 Wrongs” is a true love story, one of forgiveness and loss and wanting that person back but they don’t want to come back. It thrives off that feeling of persevering and going after someone you care about and trying to get them to understand that everyone makes mistakes. This record’s vibe does set the tone for what’s next, thank you for noticing that because the EP is going to be a wave of “feels” of love, sadness and excitement. 

  • With the controversial conversation still lingering around about whether or not R&B is dead, while I may have to disagree I’m eager to know your thoughts on the current state of R&B? 

The current state of R&B is struggling a bit. It’s not as prevalent as it was from 1990-2005. I understand a lot of artists are distributing their “R&B” music as pop or alternative, or even indie music, which is unfortunate because its categorizing that way. but this is because the modern day listeners are more accustomed to going toward those genres. New generations don’t know the likes of or understand the foundation and the roots, the subculture surrounding R&B. I would like to dive in that hopefully. I think R&B can get stronger. 

  • What’s next for Swayzebane in 2023?

I will be working with Toronto’s top videographer, Kieran Khan to shoot for “2 Wrongs” this summer. I will be releasing my first EP, very excited about that. I am also working on a surprise remake of a superhit with one of Toronto’s prime rappers. 

  • Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

To my fans, thank you for your support and I will continue to make exciting creative projects. I look forward to this journey together. 

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