Swanny Ivy Wants Us To Know “It’ll Be Over Soon”

Swanny Ivy’s album “It’ll Be Over Soon” was borne out of loss. An ankle shattering accident had landed him laid up for almost a year. Laid up with 13 pins in his bones and nothing to do but think. How fitting, then, that it should be released during a pandemic when most of the world has been thrust into that very same position.

We’ve baked, we’ve adopted dogs who we’ve walked a million miles, we’ve drank and eaten ourselves stupid. We’ve zoom’d into one another’s intimate living spaces and withdrawn under the weight of having our collective mortality thrust in our faces on the nightly news. 

For Swanny, the quarantine was merely an extension of the life that was sidelined back in August 2019. He had a head start, and, after yanking himself out of a depression enhanced by the painkillers he was prescribed, he decided to stare his mortality in the face and utilize his time to create. Necessity is the mother of invention, and for Swanny, no studio access meant he had to learn to produce if he wanted to record.

“I sat in my room and learned how to produce for myself as the studio was a no-go.” He explains. “I wrote each song with the human experience in mind. No false sense of security-driven by ego and materialistic bragging rights, just emotion.” He goes on, “The phrase “It’ll Be Over Soon” stayed tattooed to my mind as a light at the end of the tunnel. Not only the physical pain/struggle but life itself and all the good that comes with it will be over soon. I read “Meditations” by Marcus Aurelias and was inspired to come to terms with my mortality. The amount of relief and fearlessness that came with this mindset moved me and I couldn’t help but spread it.”

Now Swanny offers this latest creation to a world on an emotionally level playing field so to speak. Consider it a salve or a beacon, drawing our collective consciousness to focus on the end of the tunnel. On the light. To remind us that it WILL in fact be over soon, and somehow, everything is going to be okay.

Check it out today.

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