Swaggy Sie Will Not Be Outworked

Swaggy Sie is a fire radio personality from Brooklyn, NY. Sienna Garraway aka, Swaggy Sie, has been creating impactful digital content for over 10 years. The music industry is shaky, but Sie has proven that she is built to last in the game. Her passion for music has led her to the high ranks she has made it to now. At the age of 16, Sie took direction as an intern from 50 Cent’s own G-Unit Records. From there, she transitioned to the radio at SiriusXM. At first, she was a music programmer, but she quickly proved her worth as she improved her skills every day. Today, she’s an established voice in the industry that has conducted interviews with Bobby Shmurda, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B!

New York City has endless opportunities for creatives. Swaggy Sie is further proof that the city truly never sleeps. It seems like she works every day to find different ways to shift the culture. After receiving co-signs from radio legends like Sway Calloway and Angie Martinez, Sie was winning. Her charisma and personality stand out and allow her to gain the trust of her interviewees.

Peep our fire conversation about her career growth, come-up, and future plans below!

Ahmad Davis: Introduce yourself to those who do not know you?

Swaggy Sie: Swaggy Sie – Radio Host and Multimedia Personality

Swaggie Sie

AD: Being on SiriusXM is a huge deal. Can you walk us through how that started?

SS: My journey at SiriusXM started as an intern in college; I completed two semesters under the music programming department, specifically with Eminem’s Shade45 and Ed Lover. From there, I landed a part-time music programming gig, eventually working my way up to becoming the full-time music director for Eminem’s station Shade 45. 

From there, I was inspired by the On-Air Talent surrounding me, legendary DJs and hosts from DJ Whookid to Sway Calloway, who both saw my potential and encouraged me to chase my dreams. I began to stay overtime in the station, “finding my voice” and learning what it meant to be a great radio personality. 

Once confident in my new craft, I presented the thought of being an On-Air talent to my program director Ronnie Triana who took the time to refine my rough edges and mold me into an On-air personality. 

From that moment it was up, and it stuck.

AD: You’ve interviewed some big names like Cardi B, Pop Smoke, and even Meg Thee Stallion. Do you have a personal favorite?

SS: I’ve been very grateful to have the opportunity to interview such amazing artists and celebrities. But picking a favorite interview is like picking your favorite kid; you shouldn’t do it, but it happens, lol. 

Pop Smoke will always be one of my most memorable moments; his charisma and energy will always go unmatched. I am forever appreciative of the times spent with him.

Swaggie Sie

AD: Growing up in NY can inspire you to be a hustler. Can you talk about how life was growing up?

SS: Growing up in New York is like being born a hustler by default. Brooklyn is the mecca. Exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wouldn’t change it for the world.  

I was in the era of selling candy and shoveling snow during winter storms. These were the ways I got money as a kid, without being a product of my environment. Early days of hustle and grind are embedded in who I am as an adult, from riding the train to school to playing with boys on the basketball court in my neighborhood. This is what it was like growing up in NYC; you had to be tough and smart.

AD: How has social media helped transition your career?

SS: Social media is a key asset for all careers in media these days. Social Media has helped me target different audiences outside of those who hear me daily on SiriusXM. It has also provided different opportunities in media for other outlets to see my talent.

AD: Who inspired you growing up in the music industry?

SS: Angie Martinez & Sway Calloway.

AD: What do you want your legacy to be?

SS: I want my legacy to be full of impact… I want people to remember what I have done, the barriers that we have broken through, and know that they can accomplish their dreams with integrity.

AD: Do you have any plans for the rest of this year that you can share with us?

SS: My plans are to expand the Swaggy Sie brand with more collaborations and merch.

Stay tuned and keep up with all of Sie’s work throughout the year!

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