Supreme-Intelligence Stays Consistent With New EP, Road To Soul

Stepping onto the scene and putting on for Staten Island is none other than Supreme-Intelligence himself! Dropping knowledge and gems, the SI-native drops off a fifteen-track cut EP titled, Road To Soul. 

The Supreme-Intelligence Effect

Laced with beautiful introspective music and compiling deep messages, Supreme chronicles his current path in life. Remove the glitz and glam of opening for the famed WuTang Clan, and you’ll see the rapper for who he truly is. As the son of Ghostface Killah, he was raised on the sounds of Wu-Tang Clan. As a result, the inspiration can be heard in his modern day approach. 

Supreme, like other young African Americans, deals with the challenges of society as well. As a result, he looks to use his music to not only tell these stories but to embrace them. Additionally, he speaks for all of those who are on a destination geared towards better days! 

The ‘Road To Soul

Just like many of his fans, Supreme-Intelligence is on a journey as well — the Road To Soul. Singles like “Sunshine”, “Kill Switch”, “Black Hoodie Music”, “Cards We Were Dealt”, amongst others depict the narrative that fans all over can resonate with. Not only does his latest offering touch the listener’s soul as it’s rooted with deep messages, but makes for a great listen! Furthermore, his most recent release, Road To Soul, follows up his highly praised and trendy, 2021 The Love Jones EP.

As for the WuTang Clan co-signed rhymer, Supreme-Intelligence— he is an artist to watch in 2022. Surely one you’d want to add to your daily rotation. Also, if you haven’t already, be sure press play on his full-length project Road To Soul here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think! 


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