Supermax – a young musician who conquered California with a combination of hip-hop and electronic music

Music has always had a special role in the world, it was and is the best way of communication, for which neither nationality, nor religion, nor language is important. Just with the help of music you can share your thoughts, feelings, experiences with millions of people on the planet.

Each new generation of musicians brought something of their own to the genres that distinguished them from the rest. A talented musician, Supermax has become the one who brings new, unique combinations and original sound to the music of our time, reflecting our era.

From the very first steps in the music industry, Supermax declared himself as an outstanding and promising composer. His singles combine hip-hop rhythms and modern electronic music. In his works, these genres show amazing harmony and sound like a single whole.

Supermax is an experimentalist, he is well versed in music and is not afraid to combine a wide variety of musical genres and styles. With his music, the musician demonstrates that there are no boundaries, and despite the many millennia of continuous development of music, it is still possible to create something unique and inimitable.

The young musician lives in Milan but works most of the time in California. He is fascinated by European architecture, even in his youth he traveled a lot in Europe and realized that it was here that one could draw almost limitless inspiration.

His work also reflects a passion for classical music. Supermax worked as an arranger for a long time, and even then he began his experiments with music. His videos with classical music performed using modern musical instruments have made him popular on many global Internet sites.

 The first own singles almost immediately became hits and captivated the audience with their extraordinary sound. Many fans commented that Supermax’s style is unique and his experimental music is admirable. In it you can hear the sad notes of the blues, the romance of jazz, the rhythms of hip-hop, and all this in a modern arrangement familiar to young people.

After Supermax’s musical singles saw the world, the young musician began to receive numerous offers from major record companies. He immediately won the love of the public, and his singles invariably hit the top of the music charts.

Supermax is sure that luck favors the brave, and success is achieved by those who constantly work on themselves. The musician’s acquaintances note that Supermax is one of those who move this world forward. He is not used to giving up and brings any matter to the end.

Now the young musician is facing new interesting projects, he is preparing his first album of experimental music. And numerous fans are waiting for new singles, which, of course, will occupy the top lines of the music charts.

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