Suny The Jeweler Is Coming For The Top Spot

Since 2015, Suny The Jeweler has become one of the most well-known jewelers amongst the NFL. As the owner of Oxford Diamonds, he has been catering jewelry to celebrities for over 50+ years. Suny started to gain more attraction while working with the Atlanta Falcons. His work became noticed throughout the league quickly. From there, the demand within the NFL for his high-quality diamond custom pieces and jewelry began to pile in orders. 

Suny now works with all 32 teams in the NFL. He takes an average of 30 orders a month from athletes taking a visit into his store for the full experience. He even assists players needing fast, next day shipping. When players are ready for more work, most prefer to inquire through the @SunytheJeweler Instagram. There they can message Suny directly and are taken care of immediately. The process is easy and enjoyable as Suny. He provides friendly service and discounts to all professional athletes. His main focus is beating other jewelers prices. The relationships he’s built is what keeps hundreds of athletes returning for more.

Within the month of January, players in town for the Super Bowl lined up outside the store to meet with the well known NFL Jeweler. Over 20 players from the two championship teams, like Sony Michel of the Patriots, and Nnamaka Ebukam from the Rams received the full Suny experience. Over 30 more players on top of that from other teams like Terryl Pryor from the Jets, or Courtland Sutton from the Broncos came to experience the same and all returned home with the major drip!

Working with over 50 athletes hands-on in a single week was busy to say the least for Suny. Taking care of his players is what he knows best. Weeks like that strive the importance of how great of a platform Instagram is for business. The ease of communication provides a great way to work with multiple customers at the high-volume that Suny the Jeweler receives.

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