Summer Walker Delivers ‘Life on Earth’ EP

Summer Walker is back with EP Life on Earth, ready to make us crave intimacy and pour out our feelings as the R&B girls do so well. It arrives after her successful 2019 debut album Over It, which really put Summer on the map. The songstress went from making the Billboard Hot 100 to performing with R&B great Usher. Summer’s fans cherish her slow, sultry vocals that leave you lingering on each word possibly rethinking old relationship decisions. 

Life on Earth boasts features from those also not shy to moody, slow R&B: PARTYNEXTDOOR and NO1-NOAH. On the surface, song titles like “Deeper”, “My Affection” and “Let It Go” immediately let you know you’re possibly in for an emotional whirlwind. Summer puts her feelings on the line in “Let it Go” about a regretful love that revealed its true colors. On the other end, “Deeper” about pursuing a new interest. But also gets sexy in songs such as “White Tee” and “SWV” pleading for affection with the help of NO1-NOAH adding to the mesmerizing feel of each track. 

Each track shows a different side but all align with the common underlying theme of craving some form of affection & love. On “White Tee” we see a braggy side of Summer: “You know that you love how I move, you love my lil’ ways/ You love all the shit that I say…” A track that is hookup ready and a guaranteed bop. In “Deeper,” we get that same sexy feel but this time from a standpoint of things are getting more heavy, more feelings are involvedwhere she repeats “You gotta get deeper now/ Feelings is Deeper now.” In the five tracks offered, there’s a song for each mood whether its heartbreak or a crush.

The rollout for Life on Earth played on the themes of extraterrestrial existence and a more dystopian Earth feel. Before the official release Summer posted a “UFO Listening Experience” flyer which included an outdoor UFO crash landing site. Ther, fans alike could tune their radios to a special frequency to listen to the EP. A creative rollout for sure, from UFO-related visuals to even hosting a Battle on Earth Laser Tag in Atlanta. The futuristic promotion and simplicity of the EP cover kept fans guessing on just what Summer had to offer.

Summer Walker has truly developed her sound from the soft, lush vocals to genuine yet simple topics. Life on Earth is best served with a glass of wine and candles or a late-night drive to someone’s house. It’s rather light in subject matter, but you may feel a way after listening. Be sure to stream the EP here:

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