Stream Brooklyn Native Chino Brown’s Single ‘Ray Lewi$”

New York City’s underground hip-hop scene is like going into a candy store and asking for candy. Weird correlation to some but that’s exactly what it’s like. The underground scene in New York City is full of hungry and diverse artists starving for the right opportunity for their record to be heard.

Brooklyn’s Chino Brown is a product of that NY underground Hip-hop scene. The 24-year-old BK artist is relatively unknown to most but his name is buzzing throughout his borough of Brooklyn.

His single “Ray Lewi$” was originally released in September of 2018 but was placed on his “More Than Music II” project that dropped in May of 2019, is now being placed on Cassanova‘s 2X Entertainment The Mixtape dropping July 12th, 2019.

“Ray Lewi$” is produced by multi-platinum hit producer Cash Money AP. A rocky past, growing up with a single mom and two sisters was Chino’s inspiration on the record.

While waiting to hear Chino on Cass’s mixtape, follow him on Instagram and stream “Ray Lewi$” below.

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