Steven Scope Shares New Single “About You”

Steven Scope is looking to take music by storm. For him, 2021 is a year of extensive change. Having previously been successful in his business ventures, Scope is now turning to the music industry and pursuing a career as an artist. It is a tough task for anyone, but Scope has high hopes for what is ahead for him and his music.

Taking the music industry head-on, Scope uses the capital he stacked from his business to fund his career in music fully. As an independent artist, it is essential to have the money to make things happen for yourself, so Scope is off to a better start than most people are. Music is not the easiest industry to make it in. The attention to detail and respect for creativity has to be high. Steven Scope is looking to be one of the game’s bright spots.

Getting off to a good start and putting out quality music has helped Steven Scope gain traction thus far. As he continues to make moves in his recent change of course, look for Steven Scope to be a name you hear more often. 2021 is going to be a big year for this young artist.

Stream “About You” below.

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