Steven Christopher Drops ‘Single Minded’ EP

Steven Christopher is 100% a DIY artist from Memphis, Tennessee. It is known that he writes and produces all of his music. Like the waves crashing in the intro, “Nobody,” is a chill r&b vibe that washes over you from the start. With the opening line “You don’t love me, you just love the thought of me”, straight away, Steven Christopher taunts an ex with sad boy bravado telling exactly why he no longer trusts anybody. Steven does all he can to show his creativity.

100% written and produced by the Memphis native, it’s personal. The song’s dark production feels like 90s hip hop meets drill meets a mob movie soundtrack. Moral of the story; “you don’t go against the family”..or Steven Christopher. Moreover, when Steven relocated to Los Angeles, California to push towards his musical aspirations. Recently, he is sure to continue to spread his creative wings. Moreover, he is in CUCK, a film that saw love from Vanity Fair and Hollywood Reporter. Truthfully, he is on another level right now. We are hype to see his growth over time.

Fans can find this new single on his upcoming ‘Single Minded’ EP. Be sure to follow him on social media here.

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