Steph G: Brooklyn’s Lyrical Lyricist Who Tilts The Creative Libra Scale

As we all know, the ladies in hip-hop are leading the game and dominating the charts. Moreso, New York is known to breed some of the hottest talent worldwide! With that being said, New York newcomer Steph G is the latest femcee to strut onto the scene to shut it down! 

Bringing a brand new vibe and edge in hip-hop, the Brooklyn-bred rhymer effortlessly showcases she has what it takes to be the next big breakout star booming out of the Big Apple! Her individuality, innate talents, and charisma continue to set her apart from her peers and propel her forward. 

Undeniably unforgettable from her raw bars to her signature style, Steph G has been capturing the hearts of many for years. Already a BK hood celebrity before rocking the rap game, she is now not only stealing the hearts but ears of fans globally through her lyricism. Her model aesthetic paired with her natural talent and magnetic personality give her a distinct advantage in the industry as a force to be reckoned with. As a result, she has already amassed a vast fan base.

Staying booked and busy with her music, Steph G recently released her sizzling single “Paramount” featuring K Goddess paired with vibrantly, fun filled visuals! The back in the day buddies showcase their silly side while delivering raw rhymes and staying sexy! From cheffin it up in the kitchen while streaming live to the scene switching of both fire femcees flexing their rhymes in front of vibrant LED lights. Regardless, viewers are expected to be entertained! Remaining true to the record, the audio and its accompanying music video both display authenticity within the artists’ individuality as well as in collaboration. It’s a “Paramount” movie that you won’t want to miss! Don’t believe me? Press play on “Paramount”! 

Entering The “Danger Zone”

“Paramount” follows on the heels of her trendy track titled, “Danger Zone”, delivering what was needed to be given. Matter of fact, the raved record and its visuals arrived just in time to set the summer off! Again her raw and distinct sound on this record, exemplifies why she’s on the rise today. Never missing a beat, she strikes a chord with fans everywhere. Take a look for yourself below. 

Leaving her mark in music and continuously establishing herself as an emerging emcee shows that the rising rhymer shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, with the unleashing of back to back bangers, she proves as to why deserves a seat at the table. In addition to being brought up in conversations with hip-hop heavyweights. Steph G takes center stage as one of the top artists to keep on your watchlist. For now, get familiar with rap superstar Steph G before it’s too late.

Stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine to witness her continuous climb, collaborations with your favorite top artists. Not shy of standing out from the crowd, she remains releasing records that push the envelope as a staple female rapper. We had the pleasure of Steph G pulling up to our publication to talk all things artistry, “Paramount”, the creative lens of Libras, women in hip-hop and to drop some EP insiders. Take a look! 

Steph G Sits Down With Minnee and It’s A Movie! 

  • Hey Steph G! Thank you so much for taking the time out to chop it up with me on behalf of KAZI Magazine. Let’s jump right into it and bring it back to the beginning — who is Steph G and where did it all begin? 

“Steph G is a girl from Brooklyn. Coming out of Brownsville, Brooklyn. So I always had a passion for music. Since young, I’ve always been into like, the artistry. I used to do choreography and was always in into music, but I never saw myself as a rapper. So as I got a little older, you know, it was just one of those times that I was like, “You know what, I’m gonna try it”. Because I’m so deep into music that I was like, you know what, I’m gonna try it. And I went for it… I was like, “you know what, I’m not leaving this earth without trying this because I know. Then when I went into the studio, I really realized I’m nice. So I was like I gotta keep going”. 

The Artistry 

  • What’s your creative process like? Do you put pen to paper or just punch in and out? 

“I like to take my time, I’m not gonna lie to you. I like to take my time for the most part. So I’m more of a pen and paper type person. Sometimes I’ll be in the studio, and I will vibe a little bit better. But I always end up going back and fixing some stuff on whatever I did in the studio, because I’m a perfectionist. So, it could sound like a whole vibe, but then I still have to go back and make sure it’s exactly what I want and how I want it”.

  • How do you remain so creative? 

“This is honestly something that I’ve had, I’m a Libra, so I’m gonna use the whole sign thing. I feel like Libras are very creative. And that’s something that I have had since young, and it’s just not just with rap — it’s with anything that I do. I always, you know, try to think outside of the box. I guess you could say, it’s just in me”.

  • Who would you credit for your musical style? 

“Yeah, I would say I’m definitely a blend of so many dope female artists. I would definitely say though that I am a blend of Drake and Cardi vibes. Especially in my tape. On my tape you will see that it’s more than that. But that’s who most people compare my style to”. 

Steph G: The Artist 

  • If you could, which record of yours that is out now would you have newcomers and our audience press play on to really understand who Steph G is as an artist?

“That’s a hard one. Yeah, that’s hard, because I have so many different styles. But I would probably say, I would probably say, Danger Zone, because it shows a couple different flows. But it’s still a fun vibe”. 

  • How many singles can you bang out in one session? 

“ Well we know that really depends on the time, of course. But I would say at least two! Because you already know I’m a perfectionist and if I have to perfect one it may just be that one”. 

What Women Empowerment Means To Steph G

  • In a male dominated industry, how important is women empowerment to you? 

“Women empowerment is very actually very important to me, because I just feel like we could just be so much stronger. So I’m always the type that is trying to work with other female artists, you know. Because I feel like if we help each other, and the world could see us — there’s enough space for all of us. So I’m very big on that. Like, I feel like we should stick together and not go against each other, especially since this industry is mostly male dominated. 

  • Agreed! So what advice would you tell young women aspiring to be in this industry? 

“The best thing you could do, is stay true to what you love and what you know. It’s gonna fit you and there’s an audience for everyone. And you know, the internet is a crazy place. So I would definitely also want to say you know, don’t pay attention to the comments or the negativity. You have to really have tunnel vision. When you’re in this rap game you have to have tough skin”. 

  • Additionally, continuing this topic… What are your thoughts on the current state of women in hip-hop? 

“Oh, I think the women are killing it right now! I feel like it’s really like that everywhere. The women are showing out. I feel like there’s a lot of dope female artists and it’s a bigger range of them. I feel like before it was like, you know, it was harder for people to respect the women in the industry. But I feel like women are finally getting more respect, as, you know, artists or rap artists in the industry”.

“Paramount”: Fire Feature That Set Summer Ablaze 

  • With that being said, You recently dropped off your trendy track titled “Paramount” feat. K Goddess. Please tell us more on how the single and collaboration came about. 

“ So me and K know each other from back in the day. We used to bartend together. So we used to always see each other back in the day. So, you know, we worked in the same establishment, and already knew of each other. She started rapping first. And then I came into the rap game, and she welcomed me. She said, “You know what, I’m so proud of youu… We got to work”. I was like, “Yeah, let’s do it!” That’s when we went in the studio and we created “Paramount”. 

  • Dope! Accompanying such great audio, you unveiled the fun, vibrant, ChefBoyArBae vibe visuals! Bringing the single to life, which scene from the music video was your favorite and why? 

“ Ohh I love that, ChefBoyAreBae. I’m using that! My favorite scene was the kitchen scene because it was organic. We were just there having a good time. We were really cooking, we were happy, we were drinking. It was really organic. We went live like I love organic shit. Like, you know when you are just with your home girl, just cooking. It was just the vibes! So that was definitely my favorite scene. Everything else was cool, you know, we had the visuals or whatever. But that was just the most organic part. So it was my favorite”. 

  • Throughout your career you’ve had great, catchy collaborations from Rowdy Rebel and Ray Rav to now K Goddess. Are there any wishlist collaborations you’re looking forward to in the future? 

“I definitely have a whole bunch. I’m definitely interested in Drake, Lil Baby, Latto. Definitely Cardi and Nicki as well. Those are like my top five.I’m aiming high!”. 

What’s Next? 

  • As I’m sure “Paramount” was just a teaser to new music, can you tell us more about your new music on the way, your inspiration, and where you pulled your inspiration from? 

“Yeah, so I have a lot of new music coming out. I’m probably going to drop something today. I probably will drop something again next week because it’s crunch time. I’m dropping my tape next month. Hopefully if everything goes well, I’m dropping my tape, which just kind of consists of 12 tracks. So there’s a lot of music coming! And for my tape, my inspiration has me a little nervous because my tape is a little different. I’m going more like the mainstream route. We’re gonna have a little R&B, a little trap,  still gonna have like the danger zone and chop cheese vibe, but I’m not doing a lot of drill”.

  • Oh ok! Staying booked and busy, love to see it! Lastly, is there a message that you’d like to leave with fans? 

“Yes, um, I just want to say thank you so much for supporting me! You guys really make me. To my fans, you really keep me going because it’d be days that I’d be feeling like giving up and I go on my IG and I have a whole bunch of love a whole bunch of repost. I just want to say thank you and so keep supporting me because we’re going up!” 



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