Stadacksz Is a Monumental Figure In HipHop Culture : Talks New Music and Collabs

Darryl Williams also known by his stage name “Stadacksz”, is a Hip-Hop/rap artist and the CEO of 720 Productions based in New York City. While growing up, the adept rapper had Hip-Hop as a daily dose. He recalls being in a recording studio at the age of nine. His first ever recorded and released song dropped while he was seventeen, although his musical enthusiasm grew more robust around the age of twenty-one.

Stadacksz’s dictionary does not have the word impossible. So if you start a journey, be it music, or anything you like, focus on not giving up despite the hurdles and unforeseen circumstances that may come your way. These may distract you from your path. His musical influence came from music artists he admired such as rappers like Jay-Z, P-Diddy, and Dr. Dre. Stadacksz has released a couple of tracks filled with rawness and realism in his lyrics.

Stadacksz, who has forged a distinct life path knows how to create hard-hitting tracks that instantly connect with your ears and soul. We admire his creativity, in an area where the game tends to create clones, and his rap, tinted by some laid-back vocals, definitely stands out from his peers.

The name Stadacksz grew popular when the rapper released a couple of singles and an EP titled “Arrogance” that he released in 2019. The single became a big hit, accumulating over 100,000 streams on major streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal) and featured on so many countdown playlists around his city and he received a plaque for having achieved this milestone.

He wants to inspire others to chase their dreams, take care of those in their communities and share his story through his discography. Even if it were a painful or happy situation, the gifted rapper will turn this into an opportunity to pen something down. Through his method, he makes genuine music that connects with his fans.

Stadacksz is currently working on releasing a single alongside his brother VonDhaDon which might be followed by a continuation of his 2019 EP “Arrogance 2.0” and another longer joint project with rapper VonDhaDon. With his latest project, Stanacksz hopes to touch lives and do the same as previous musicians before him. He hopes to inspire his fans to follow their dreams and take care of their families and community. 

There is no doubt that Stadacksz is among the most exciting act in the industry right now. We can’t wait to see him triple his success for 2022 and beyond.



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