SS Global Ent.’s Kezz, a Multitalented Artist, Overcomes Skepticism with Determination

SS Global Entertainment has been hitting the scene strong with new artists to emerge out of the popular hip hop scene, and according to Industry ears, the Rapper, Songwriter, and popular entertainer Dylan Wayne Rooks professionally known as “Kezzhas been hitting the music and entertainment scene strong to make a statement for 2023. 

Kezz’s symphonic tone, blending Pop and Rap, has earned him over 700,000 listeners and over 2.3 million streams on Spotify, leading to impressive growth, progress, and success. With a unique and authentic storytelling style and lyrics that resonate deeply with his audience, Kezz’s debut album, “Undecided,” released in 2020, marked a turning point in his career, showcasing his talent and originality across seven diverse tracks.

In 2021, Kezz’s single “Up and Down” opened up new opportunities for him, allowing him to perform on some of the most renowned stages. With notable collaborations, including T-Pain, Tech N9ne, and Ashten Ray, Kezz’s reputation as a production genius has led to sell-out shows across the country.

Kezz’s latest single, “S2P” (Something to Prove), was recently released, and he continues to work on new music, driven by his passion and perseverance. Despite almost giving up on his musical career due to a partner’s negativity, Kezz left that relationship and trusted the process, returning to his musical journey with unwavering determination.

He hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams despite any obstacles they may face. To keep up with Kezz’s future events and new music, follow him on his official website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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