South Carolina Artist J.Say Shares “Dance With Me” Video

Emerging artist J.Say, short for Julias Say, is doing it big. He was born in California and raised in Anderson, South Carolina. Much of his music catalog focuses on issues that are tough to discuss like trust, loneliness, and fear. However, his soulful melodies make the relatable tales standout amongst others. J.Say recently shared the visual for his song “Dance With Me,” which has over 10K YouTube views.

“I was in a relationship that was going through a rough time in the moment. I needed to use music as an outlet for how I was feeling,” he stated about the track. “This was one of the first times I wrote a song and didn’t think about structure or where to place a hook and verse. The pieces came together on its own and that’s why I think it was one of my favorite releases at the time.”

When asked about his forthcoming releases, he responded “his single was my first time dabbling in the side of pop but I have such a diverse catalog of music.” Check out the single below.

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