‘SoulFly’ Hits High marks For Rod wave

‘Soulfly’ was heavily anticipated from the Florida native Rod Wave and it’s exceeded expectations. Through the past few years, Rod’s heartfelt mix of soulful vocals and deep raps attracted a massive fanbase. He’s become a fan favorite but why might some people ask.

To put it simply, Rod’s music spiked specifically because he’s gifted in relating to the struggles of the common man. Nine-teen songs from ‘SoulFly’ and not one skip, I’m actually amazed.

Beautiful composed beats assist Rod’s voice like a pass from LeBron James. It’s a case of modern production not overpowering the vocals of the artist.

Not only that it was no skips but it was meaningful content. From the single “SoulFly” to the last track “Changes,” I was hooked. A story of a man scarred from his experiences with his family’s struggles and racial disparities spoke messages. Rod at his core is just a twenty one year old man on a journey to fight for a better life.

Some standout track include “Tombstone,” “Street Runner,” “Richer” Ft. Polo G, and “Invisible Scar.” However, it’s not a bad song on this album, matter in fact everything hits perfectly. It’s really a modern age masterpiece.

Final Verdict on ‘SoulFly’ – 10/10

  • Perfect mix of soulful vocals and lyrics.
  • Blended bass beats match Rod’s voice effortlessly.
  • Powerful messages throughout the project.

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