Sosv Is a Trendsetter

Upcoming star Sosv creates his path unlike any other artist in 2021. His story, which he breaks down for us shows proof of his work ethic and drive. Sosv is born and raised out of the Bronx and of Latino descent which helps to push his words to life. All the experiences he has gone through have contributed to his rise in the tristate music scene.

At Kazi Magazine, we love to showcase our unique category discovery because it sheds light on a rising star to get heard. The unique flow Sosv has put together is a mix between any artists on the New York scene like Jim Jones, Jay Critch among others. The sound is ambitious and abstract, a mix of storytelling and narratives create a true masterpiece.

By comparison, his latest projects have left fans wanting more and have gotten us excited to see the full-on growth for 2022 for him. The catalog that is put together for this rising star consists of not only drill anthems, but a mixed blend of old hip-hop with a catch of new wave sounds. The tracks have listeners change mood to mood with laid-back instrumentals keeping all the sounds together. The Bronx prodigy is prepping up to deliver an extreme and infectious sound for 2022.

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