SonoWillzz Shares ‘Project Memories’ LP

SonoWillzz is an up-and-coming act from the historic south Norfolk district. His new album ‘Project Memories’ speaks on a lot of the things he witnessed throughout his time in the streets. After spending time in the military he knew there was more to life. He started to become active in his music and express himself in the best way possible. Losing family members and friends while you are a young man can be hard for anyone. The trauma he experienced helped him decide to focus his energy solely on music and give it his best foot forward.

Project Memories LP Cover Art

The new project has 11 tracks with only work from him. Tracks like “Miss My Dawgz” and “Luv, Drugz & Gunz” show that he is growing as an artist. His standout record “Roses” is dope and the future visual gives more backstory on who SonoWillzz is personal. He makes a lot of mention of his upbringing and it makes sense because the 757 is not the easiest place to come out of. His new music is an in-depth look at his soul and mindset as a young black man from the streets.

Peep the new album ‘Project Memories’ here today!

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