Songwriter Storii Inks Deal with Twitch

Songwriter Storii believes that collaboration is not only a fun aspect of the music industry but it is also important for artists everywhere. Through various projects, musicians collaborate to further their careers and broaden their musical experience. Music collaboration is when two or more creatives come together to produce a musical masterpiece. Storii says that understanding the value of collaboration is important for creatives who want to propel their careers forward.

Richard Scarborough, also known as Storii, is an artist and songwriter from Peekskill, New York. His musical undertones are derived from pop, urban and R&B genres. Storii describes his music as melodic and dark. However, this does not stop him from creating the upbeat positive vibes that are characteristic of his singing. Storii’s goal when creating music is to inspire by leading by example. This is how he continues to attract new fans from varied populations, and continues to expand his network.


Storii understands the power of collaboration. He recently inked a deal with Twitch through Hallwood Media, an esteemed songwriter/producer management company. Since June 1st, Storii has been working with Twitch to connect with industry peers and write music reviews. He also does live studio session streams that enable fans to watch his creative and collaborative process in real time.

Twitch has introduced music streaming as a new product line and Storii is proud to be part of this success story. He knows that this will not only elevate his career but will also give him a chance to showcase his talents as a songwriter. Aside from indirectly marketing Storii’s talent and selling his music, Twitch allows him to interact with other talents. Hes able to tap into different skills, and share ideas with prominent figures in the music industry. Twitch is also exposing Storii to networking with people from diverse cultures, as the users affiliated with the site are from all across the globe.

In this digital era, collaboration might be the best way to improve talent and give exposure to any creative. Storii realizes the weight of this undertaking, and will continue to use it to its full potential to advance his music career.

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